Friday, October 15, 2010

Day "Go": Your Sanctuary

I''m stressed, I'm angry, I had the worst day I could possibly have, nothing went my way, nothing made sense.
People around me are just getting on my damn nerves, its tooo loud, just shut up. I have a headache, I feel lightheaded, everything seems so blurry. Who keeps calling my name? What they hell do they want now?
I just want to go, I want to be alone.
I NEED to leave for my own sanity.

Where should I go to get away from all this chaos?

My Sanctuary

There are many places where I go to just relieve stress. Sometimes I just want to be alone and just get away from all the complexities of my life. 

I would say I have multiple sanctuaries.

There are days I come home from work. I dont want to talk to anyone, I dont want to see anyone. I just want Peace and Tranquility

I rip my clothes off, and take a hot shower,....I close my blinds, turn on my AC, and play some nice soothing music, while I lay on my bed or sometimes on the floor. Here is the playlist I play, its called MyMusic.

My fave songs on there are "Breathe" by Telepopmusik and "Hope" by LateNightAlumni

Just close your eyes and listen to those 2 songs and you would fall into a trance. Try it.

My anime room is also my sanctuary. Some days I go in there and just sit and ponder. I dont say anything I dont listen to anything I just think. I could feel the stress leaving my body, my mind becomes clear and I fall into deep thought. Then all seems right w/ the world. 

Another place which puts me at ease is comic book stores. What got me into this habit was Borders. I love Borders, more specifically I love Borders comic book section. When I was in college my computer lab was directly on top of a Borders.

The Borders where I spend many of my college days.

I was either late or completely missed many classes b/c I was so engrossed in my
"mangas of the moment"
Some days right before an exam or just on a bad day, I would go to Borders and just stand in the comic or manga section, and take nice long deep breaths. I swear the smell of those comics put me at ease. 
To you it may be weird to me it was Paradise. 

To this day I still go to Borders and just chill by myself. I prefer real comic stores though. Either way, when I'm surrounded by those books I get into a zone and its just me and my comic book or my manga, noone else matters.

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